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Huge Fake Boob Legends: Fancesca Kitten Natividad

Legendary big titted movie star Natividad was born as Francesca Isabel Natividad on February 14, 1948 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. At that time her mother married a U.S. citizen and they moved to Texas where Kitten attended high school in El Paso, where she was her senior class president. After high school this bombshell moved to California chase her dreanms, and she worked as a maid and cook for Stella Stevens and as a key punch operator for IBM before turning to go-go dancing to make ends meet. Her stage name Kitten came from her shyness. She was 21 when she had her first breast implants in order to move into topless dancing.

While working as dancer Kitten met busty Shari Eubanks, who had been starring in Russ Meyer's titillation hit movie Supervixen, and the two became friends. Shari introduced her friend to Meyer who hired her as the narrator of his movie Up!, where she was shown sitting nude in a tree, quoting the poetry of Hilda Doolittle and acting as a Greek chorus to the action. She appears fully nude at various intervals to point out who the potential murder suspects are. Kitten fans will love this.

Meyer was so impressed with her huge breasts that he wanted her to star in his next feature, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens - one of several collaborations between Meyer and the famous film critic Roger Ebert.

In this legendary movie Kitten gives one of the most inspired sexual (and comedic) performances ever seen in a softcore movie. She's totally and completely uninhibited about showing us every inch of her more than perfect body. She plays Lavonia, the wife of a guy who only likes to go through the backboor which she hates. Because of his condition, she sleeps around with a bunch of others: the garbage guy, the travelling salesman, the dental assistant and a 14 year-old kid (who looks more like 34). She also moonlights as Lola Langusta the stripper. Kitten is either topless or fully nude in every scene she's in in this movie, and she takes up a good deal of it too. She plays both role(s) with an energy level and gusto you don't see very often (especially these days) and manages to be very funny as well as sexy. Her sex scenes are energetic, acrobatic and creative. Her tease scenes may be even better, especially the one in bed when she's trying to get Lamar's attention away from his calculator and charts.

He paid for a second breast enhancement that made her bust even larger, and voice lessons to eliminate her accent mexican. Kitten, who was marrie dat the time, fell in love with Meyer and left her husband during the filming, and the two lived together as a couple for most of the next 15 years.

In the 1980 comy hit movie Airplane! Kitten played uncredited role of the Bouncy Topless Woman on Plane briefly shaking her bare big boobs for camera. She briefly appeared also in the The Lady in Red and The Gong Show Movie, both uncredited.

My Tutor from the 1983 had Kitten showing off her very large breasts early in the movie. In the Night Patrol form the 1984 Kitten's massive mams bounce around a bit as she smokes a joint and shimmies her breasts for a pair of cops. WIld Life (1984) has Kitten performing her famous champagne glass routine - there are several scenes of her with her top off and viewer gets to see two close ups of Kitten great figure. Excellent, her breasts are amazing in this otherwise lame movie.

Takin' It Of from 1985 finally has this big breasted goddess in a starring role again, as the Betty Bigone, who goes to the quack because she is upset about the size of her breasts (they look GREAT to me). She gradually strips, revealing that amazing body, gets on his desk and starts writhing around. The poor fellow tries to look away, but she adjusts her position each time so that he cannot avoid staring ar her pussy. Tough work, but somebody has to do it. Movie also has some sexy scenes, maybe the best scene is when Kitten shakes her enormous chest and there is this sloshing sound as if some sound guy is swishing milk in a balloon offstage.

Some years later Kitten moved into pornographic modeling, first mostly doing glamour or girl-girl shoots with the other big titted stars of those times, like Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, and Patty Plenty. The appearances mags increased her dancing income many times over. She incorporated a giant champagne glass into her act (similar to Lili St. Cyr), accompanied by Bobby Darin hit "Splish Splash". 1985 pic Stiff Competition was made while Natividad still was making cameo, non-explicit appearances in XXX films but in this movie she does invite the question of what she considered "non-explicit"! Kitten plays a femme reporter who interviews oral sex championship contestant Gina Carrera, about midway through. She gets naked, and performs finger and tongue work on Gina in big closeup, while Gina is stretched out on a sofa. Kitten was awfully cute at the time and the sequence is pretty hot (This was at the time she was married to Russ Meyer; she always said that he didn't approve of hardcore, hence she didn't do any at that time, though this sequence certainly begs the question of where both of them drew the line.

In The Tomb from the 1986 she is just showing her body - Surprise - she is credited as "Stripper"! We see her several times as she dances around, lots of breast exposure and some rear. The camera is close, plenty of lighting, and the scene lasts a while.

n the Another 48 Hours the unmistakable Kitten is an unforgettable image during a wild stunt. She's topless in panties and a garter belt mashing her famous boobs together on a movie theater screen (note the full audience!). But just as you react to her presence two bad guys on motorcycles crash thru the screen from behind (and right dead center in her awesome cleavage!). I've seen lots of Kitten but I don't think this is from any of her films, more likely it was made specifically for this movie as a kind of T&A treat.

In the Titillation 3, her first movie in the '90s, Kitten and her big big boobies plays the leader of a gang of femme bank robbers and takes male hostage during a stickup. At the trailer hideout, she peels to the crack and engages in a sequence of hardcore that will probably haunt your dreams if you see it. Pic was made abt 1990, when she did several full body contact ventures into XXX territory, she was long into her more "mature" prime.
For the record, Kitten does full nudity, plus oral, vaginal, and anal sex with Marc "Dick of Death" Wallice. She has just one such scene, about midway through the picture.

In 1970-1980s she also took part in some short-footage "sexy wrestling" films, mainly with companies like Curtis Dupont and Triumph Studios.

In October 1999, Kitten Natividad underwent double-mastectomy surgery for treatment of breast cancer. After her big boobs were removed, it was discovered that the silicone used in her implants was of an industrial grade and the big tit legend has since had corrective surgery and is close to the size that her fans remember her being. She currently lives alone with a pit bull and three cats (all featured in the 2005 documentary movie Pornstar Pets), and supports herself with sales of her porn videos and phone sex, with an international clientele. She appeared in the Adam Rifkin independent feature A Night at the Golden Eagle; according to her, Rifkin remembered recognizing her when their cars were both stopped at the same stoplight 25 years earlier.

In January 2008, Natividad was inducted in the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame

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